About Our Road Service Company

A diesel truck engine is six times the size of a car engine, with up to 400 more horses under the hood, and 900-1800 more feet/pound of torque. That’s a lot of engine.

At Longhorn Road Service, we’re very much like a diesel engine – working together as a unit to provide our customers with the highest possible caliber of work. From our founding in 2013 until today, Longhorn Road Service has been a family owned and operated truck and trailer repair company available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

We pride ourselves on the quality services that we provide alongside our quick response time. We’re not a third party vendor service, so when you call Longhorn Road Service, our techs will handle your repairs and our fully-staffed office will handle your billing.

Truck Technicians and Mechanics from Jackson, Mississippi to Amarillo, Texas

“I would like to first thank all of the trucking companies that have joined our family through our mobile road service and fleet maintenance programs. Here at Longhorn Road Service, our customers are the backbone of our company and are treated as such with the utmost respect and timely repairs. Fleets across the southern states have found Longhorn techs are making repairs instantly on the roadside or in the fleet yard.

Longhorn uses a full office staff in conjunction with quality parts vendors to keep your units moving to reduce freight and driver down time. If you’re searching for a truck and trailer repair company that takes your units as seriously as you do, then look no further. We are a family owned and operated company that has built a reputation on honesty, loyalty, and professionalism. Give my dispatchers a call and prepare yourself for first class service that exceeds the industry above and beyond any expectations you have had in the past.”

-Doyle Shaw, Owner of Longhorn Road Service


Nationwide Truck & Trailer Repair Service